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REST API to generate product mockups from PSD templates

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The MockCity API lets you programmatically control cloud workers that can place images in PSD SmartObjects. Each worker can load one PSD and you can have hundreds of concurrent workers with the same or different PSDs.

Regular mockup PSDs like the ones you find on CreativeMarket will work, no special formatting required. If it works in Photoshop, it works with our API.

The API lets you communicate with the workers in realtime. You provide images and parameters for the PSD SmartObjects as input and receive the mockup as output. Once you are done with a worker you can request it to sleep. Workers also go to sleep automatically after a configurable period of inactivity.

hoodie blank mockup hoodie design mockup

No costs are incurred for workers that are asleep. Interacting with a worker that is asleep automatically wakes up the worker and restores its state.

Zapier and Make integrations coming soon.


1 credit costs $0.01.

Credit consumption is based on the number of times workers are spawned/awoken, total worker runtime and the number of mockups generated. The Enterprise plan has a base monthly cost which is offset by cheaper credit consumption rates. The Pay as you go plan has no base monthly cost.

Credits never expire and can be auto topped-up when they fall below a certain threshold.

Pay as you go Most popular Enterprise
Starts at
Pay only for what you use
Starts at
Volume pricing for big companies
Credits used to spawn/
awaken a worker
2 1
Credits used per minute
of worker runtime
6 2
Credits used per
mockup generation
4 1
Priority engineer
Maximum concurrent
150 1000+


  • Max PSD filesize: 200MB
  • Max PSD document and SmartObject canvas dimensions: 4.2MP (equivalent to 2048x2048px)


This is an over-the-network demo of our mockup generator API. These cloud workers have been configured to sleep after 1 minute of inactivity. Awakening or spawning a worker takes between 15 and 20 seconds. Once a worker is up, mockup generations take 5 to 10 seconds, depending on PSD complexity.

To facilitate horizontal scaling, we're currently running CPU-only workers. GPU-enabled workers, which will be able to provide much faster mockup generations, are on our roadmap.

If you'd like to try with your own PSD, you can test the API capabilities but locally on your machine by dragging and dropping your PSD in the designated dropzone on the homepage. Refer to the FAQ on the same page if your output is distorted due to a misconfigured displacement map.

Got questions? Reach out to [email protected]

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