PSD Mockup Editor

The PSD Mockup Editor combines an intuitive interface for mockup generation with Photopea, a powerful web-based Photoshop alternative.
Simply drag and drop your smart mockup template (PSD) into the dropzone below to get started.
Drop your mockup PSDs here
You can drop folders containing multiple PSD templates

Spending hours making mockups is a thing of the past

Discover the MockCity features that will make your life easier.

Multiple designs, multiple products, all at once

Generate mockups for multiple designs and multiple products with just a few clicks. Automated mockup generation so that you can do more of what you love, not make mockups.

Visual editor with live mockup preview

Use the visual editor to set the SmartObject parameters and see an updated mockup preview within seconds.

Perfect design size and position, every time

Experiment with the different Fit modes and Anchor positions to better understand how they work and find the perfect size and alignment for your designs.

First-class PSD support

Native support for the industry standard PSD format. Drag and drop your own PSD templates. All the work is done in your browser and your templates never leave your machine.

Save and restore SmartObject parameters

Determine the most optimal design size and position and save those parameters in .mct config files. Next time simply load the config file to recover the SmartObject parameters.

Growing library of free mockup templates

Don't have your own PSD mockup templates? Use the ones in our free template library.

Bulk generate with your own mockup PSDs right in your browser!